Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small local exhibition

Not far from my shop is the birthplace of a well known urushi artist, Takahashi Setsuro.   It has been turned into a museum celebrating his life and work, and they allow a part of the original house that has been reconstructed, to be sometimes used for exhibitions.  Visitors go through the main building housing Mr. Takahashi's work, then they can filter out to behind where there is the house and a nice garden.

Considering the garden, I also made some outdoor furniture; a small table and a chair in Canadian Red Cedar.  Perhaps one alternative to the ugly plastic outdoor seating that seems to be taking over the world, and considered so cheap and practical by the people who buy it.  With the rot resistant Red Cedar, and perhaps some basic care to protect from constant exposure to rain, I believe that the wooden furniture would provide quite a long term of use.

There were a number of art events in town occurring during the week of the exhibit, so periods were not infrequent when visitors were few.  I didn't mind, the museum is located in a very peaceful area, and sitting in the quiet grounds with nobody about was very enjoyable.

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