Saturday, January 29, 2011

A habit

I have a few friends that drop by my shop and like to smoke, so I made a quick ashtray.  If it burns up, I'll make another one, having a lot of these wood scraps around. I enjoy a decent cigar myself, especially one made from the fine woods, Acacia and Ebony!

Sometimes it's good to depart the production for business aspect of woodworking, and just make something for the enjoyment of it, call it the default setting.  Furniture making can be very demanding, wood has a mind of it's own, and the constant level of attention and physical effort that is required.  Remembering the impetus at the beginnings of a trade helps to give staying power, sometimes referred to as 'first mind'.


Dan McCallum said...

A fun piece! And some more great posts recently.

Maybe I need to do something quick and simple to raise my woodworking spirits a bit.

djy said...

Thanks Dan. You mean your spirits get down with all the milling that you do....sand? The lathe is good for quick, I recommend it if you don't do turning already. A different vein from other types of woodworking, and skill level moves ahead pretty quickly with practice. I can easily picture some nice material for turning out of those logs you find.