Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog reality check

With the blog I have been trying pretty hard to align my thoughts into some degree of order for a reasonable level of conveyance, and put it down with half way decent punctuation that with luck, will help it be understood, and hopefully enjoyed  It all takes a bit of effort, especially after working the entire day.

Is anybody out there?
È qualcuno là?
Este cineva aici?
किसी को भी वहां है?
Er nogen til stede?
Est-ce que quelqu'un est ?
Είναι οποιος δήποτε εκεί;
누군가는 거기 있는가?
Está qualquer um lá?
Ist jemand dort?

The arms are done, it's time to kick back for awhile...


Timberwerks Studio - Dale J. Osowski - Furniture Maker said...

Hi Dennis

I enjoy following, looking forward to all that is to come.

Chris Hall said...

Your blog's looking good to me Dennis - keep it up!

djy said...

Thanks guys, I much appreciate it.

Chris Hall said...


how about adding a 'followers' or some other subscription device to your blog? When you make a new post it will automatically inform people and they can also get an idea of how often you might post. Most blogs have infrequent update, so people might not be checking back in here too often unless they are aware of your postings or know that you post with frequency.

Just a suggestion.


djy said...

Thanks Chris, good suggestion, I will look into it. Hope to get up more Japanese translation soon, that should help the local viewers, there are a few.

I'm currently getting in the neighborhood of 30-40 page views per day, mostly from North America.


daveywleslie said...

Hi, Dennis. I found your site through Chris Hall's. Beautiful work, sir. I'm strictly an amateur woodworker, but an obsessive one. I'm down here in Kochi Prefecture, far away from the nightmare up north. Hope you and yours are safe.

djy said...

Hi Davey,

Thanks for the greeting. Not much in the way of damage from the quake and after effects in our area, so we are safe in that regard. It is affecting us in other non-good ways, like many people in the country. I have had some cancellations of work, folks would rather keep their money for the big unpredictability looming long to the horizon.

Good luck with your woodworking!


Cyrus said...

I am really enjoying going back and reading the old posts on your blog. I appreciate the passion and effort of your work and the extra effort you put into sharing it with the world via this blog.

I added it to my extensive woodworking RSS blog roll, so I am certain to see any new posts you add to your already auspicious list of posts.

Thanks from the west coast of California,


djy said...

Cyrus, thanks much for the kind comments, it is gratifying to receive the notice.

You have a beautiful family, by the way. Nice job showing what is so dear. I also enjoyed the film on the microscopic world.